Cinco de Mayo reminded me that “Stay Home-Stay Safe” might actually be a pretty good time for new drinking games!   Jump on “Zoom” with a bunch of friends, have a large supply of your favorite adult beverage handy, and turn on the TV.  You don’t even need a designated driver.   Just be careful what words or phrases you pick to drink on.

For example, don’t pick the phrase “In these uncertain times”.   Three commercials in and you’d be wasted!   And by all means, don’t pick the word “Michigander.”   If Governor Whitmer is on TV, (and she’s on more than Law and Order re-runs), you’ll be passed out on the floor in under a minute.

Seriously, Michiganders?    Maybe I’m just easily agitated right now, but I realized during the news last night that I’ve never liked being called a Michigander.    Governor Snyder used it a lot too.  And both Snyder and Whitmer get an especially nasally sound on the accented third syllable:  mich-ee-GAN-ders.

It drives me crazy!   What are we?  Geese?  Since I was a kid, that’s the picture I get.  A big stupid goose.

A listener told me, “You could be called worse.”   Believe me, I have.   And “gander” is a reference to a male goose.  Where are all these pronoun cops now?

The three governors before Snyder and Whitmer used “Michiganians”.   Not much better.  Reminds me of the inhabitants of some planet they land on in a Star Trek episode.

Somebody took a poll in 2011.   58% liked Michigander.  12% favored Michiganian.   12% didn’t care, and 11% didn’t like either.

According to the Detroit Free Press, in 2017, as part of a unanimous bill to modernize the legislation establishing the Michigan Historical Commission, the state legislature changed a reference from Michiganian to Michigander.  The federal government continues to use Michiganian.

Lore has it that Abraham Lincoln coined the name “Michigander”, as he poked at political rival Lewis Cass of Michigan, combining Michigan with gander to make Cass sound like a foolish goose. Well, I’m saying it makes us all sound like a foolish goose.

Why couldn’t we have something like “Buckeyes” or “Hoosiers”, or even “Cheese-heads?”

So, what do you think?  Am I just being cranky?   Or is there a better choice?

  • Michiganites
  • Michiganers 
  • Michiganders 
  • Mitten-ites
  • Great Lakers
  • Don't care



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