We love our pets unconditionally but lets face it, sometimes they can be outright embarrassing. From your dog picking the exact time your company arrives to scoot along with his rear legs up in the air grinding his butt on the carpet to the cat that decides to hop up on your laptop in the middle of a work zoom meeting, they can sure pick the worst times to showcase their worst behavior.

Here's a few more examples of pets doing what they do to embarrass us, enjoy!

Alan: My dog has an unusual obsession with other dog's junk.  Anytime we come up on another dog he will go right for the junk area and bury his nose in it sniffing vigorously .  Truly embarrassing, so much so, that Rusty has been peed on more than once while doing this. Very hard to hold a conversation with a fellow dog owner when your dog won't get his face out the other dog's junk.

Sheila: I had a Cuckatoo who would take every opportunity to sit on the shoulder of anybody who would allow it and poop straight down the back of their shirt. So many times the victims weren't even aware that it happened. So embarrassing to have to tell them.  With full disclosure I need to admit that sometimes I never said anything because I was to embarrassed.

Martin: Our lab waltzed right into our neighbors opened screen door and helped herself to two loaves of their baked Banana Bread. The neighbors never said anything so I was never sure if they knew it was her or not.

Ryan: I'm a State alum and my wife is a Michigan alum. As a result we have throw pillows that represent both our rival colleges on the couches in the living room.  Oddly enough, our dog Snickers has a quirky little habit of only dry humping the Michigan State pillows.  My wife claims she never taught her to do that but it certainly is suspicious.

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