One of the great things to do outdoors in Michigan is to go fishing.  With all of the Great Lakes and inland lakes around our state, where is your most favorite spot to fish in Michigan?

In honor of National Go Fishing Day,  I was wondering where your personal favorite place to fish in Michigan is?

I personally have not had the chance to go fishing since I went out with my grandfather in the late 80's up near Stanton, Michigan.  It wasn't very challenging as most of the fish I ended up catching were mostly Blue Gill and Rock Bass.

I don't own any fishing gear but i may look into going out in the future.  My nephew likes to fish and has been getting into it the past year or so.  He has his own gear so it maybe just my wife and I hanging out with him on a dock.  I think it would be cool to head out somewhere and fish.

If you fish regularly in our area or around the state where do you like to go?  Any success and would it be worth checking out if I wanted to take out my nephew?

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