Isolation and social distancing have really made us appreciate the simple things. Getting out and taking a walk with the family has become a much anticipated part of the day. Hiking, biking, and generally spending time in the great outdoors has replaced screens. If you and the family are looking for another great outdoor summer activity, look no further than your local fishing hole.

June 13th and 14th is the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Free Fishing Weekend. For two days only, you can take the whole family fishing without a licence, although all other fishing rules and regulations regarding weight restrictions and poaching still apply. Click here for the DNR's most recent Michigan Fishing Guide.

Now, I know what you're thinking. If you've never been out fishing in Kalamazoo before, you might not know where you can go. Believe me, you can't just show up at any old watering hole and cast your line. That having been said, there are still some great places in Kalamazoo with beautiful vistas and, most importantly, public access:

Catch your dinner! Teach the kids all about scaling, boning, and filleting. Create some memories, even if the story of your first catch gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger...


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