There is no doubt that Michigan has some of the most beautiful vistas in our entire country. Everything from crystal clear waters to sandy dunes to lush green forests as far as the eye can see, ours is a state wherein Michiganders throughout the two peninsulas can capture and share what looks like a snapshot of every season taken at the same time. Snow. Sun. There's no place like home. Now is your chance to share a little piece of your home with the world during the 14th Annual Celebrate Michigan Photo Contest. Amatuer photographers can win up to $300 for sharing their favorite snapshot of Michigan summer.

Running through August 14th, contestants can submit photos in three different categories, and some great ideas of where to snap your shots in Southwest Michigan:

People and Places

  • A lot of artists are painting murals on the plywood protecting downtown businesses. Why not capture an artist in action, or the murals that are temporarily changing Kalamazoo's downtown landscape?
  • Art Hop!: Always some fun and interesting Michiganders displaying and buying local art
  • There is so much cool, old architecture in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. From the incredible Art Deco inspired City of Kalamazoo building, to the carriage steps just off of the mall, we do have a rich history that often goes overlooked.

Woods and Wildlife

  • Kalamazoo Nature Center is a great place to take the kids on a hike and learn all about the natural flora and fauna in Southwest Michigan. You could turn a learning experience in to a photo shoot
  • Celery Flats is also a gorgeous place to get some shots of greenery
  • Bronson Park's past with it's recent remodeling might make an interesting overlay, showing from one summer to another

Four-Season Fun

  • A lot of summertime fun locations aren't open, but that doesn't mean that running through the sprinkler is out of the question
  • An outdoor movie night with a Michigan movie projected on the back of your house would certainly be included in seasonal fun
  • Maybe have some fun with the sun, using perspective to play with the sun from sun up to sun down.

It's really up to you! And feel free to enter as often as you'd like, in as many of the categories as you want, so don't stress about submitting that one, perfect photo. For a complete look at the rules of submission, click here.

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