In a previous article I brought up the issue of limited capacity for small businesses.  One West Michigan restaurant owner didn't think she would even open this week or at all because of the 50% limit.  As she said, she has 100% rent, 100% staff but will only make half the money and only if she stays at 50%.

This, of course brings up the other issue and, if you'll allow me I'd like to paraphrase a line from one of my top 10 favorite movies: "If you open will they come?"  so far the jury is still out despite the fact that people stood in line at midnight yesterday morning to get into some restaurants.

So lets do another hypothetical.  I love hypotheticals.  Say everybody comes back to support our local restaurants.  Unfortunately, not all of them will have survived which means there could be a supply/demand situation. Then take into account all of the Covid protocol necessary to meet CDC and state requirements.

To some extent part of the onus falls on the customer.  Here are 5 things that could get you kicked out of a restaurant:

1. Symptoms- Even if there is no temperature check at the door which many places will have, if you're coughing, sneezing or sweating like the flu, there's a chance you're not going to be allowed to enter in the first place.

2. Not Wearing A Mask- I know a lot of people that think a mask is completely unnecessary to protect them or others but it will be a requirement.

3. Not Following Social Distancing- Again, a lot of people think this is not necessary for the same reason as a mask.

4. Bringing Too Many People- Even before the Pandemic you could be turned away due to capacity at that moment or general venue policy.  Now, that number could be way small just because of logistics.

5. Exceeding The Time Limit- Here's one I never thought of.  Sure, there were time limits before and usually just being polite at a crowded restaurant would suffice.  But now with limited capacity, you might be on the clock so they can make more money.  And frankly, I understand.

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