Had a hilarious conversation about this interesting "what if" scenario recently. What if all the mascots on cereal boxes entered a coliseum to be paired off to battle each other to the death. Which cereal mascot would be last man standing?

Some hilarious perspective when you think about it. Is Tony The Tiger Grrrrreat enough to take it all? Can all the pent up anger that the Trix Rabbit holds over being called a silly rabbit give him the advantage? What about Froot Loops Toucan Sam, is the beak strong enough to take out every foe in the coliseum?

Obviously we have too much time on our hands as we have broken down some early favorites in this epic fantasy battle.

Tony The Tiger: Although many of us won't admit it, we've spent a fair amount of time with the Tiger King Netflix series so pardon us when we place Tony The Tiger as a favorite. Is he Grrrrrreat enough to get the job done though? Maybe against the Cookie Crisp Wolf and he could probably take down Froot Loops Toucan Sam but after that, we're hard pressed to find an easy win for Tony.

Capn' Crunch: The Capn' certainly has the cannon power to do some serious damage to his opponents but unless the arena is filled with water, I'm afraid shooting cannon balls blindly into the arena would be fruitless and loopy (see what we did there).

Snap, Crackle and Pop: Just their names alone (especially when thinking about your bones) would strike fear onto their opponents but is it enough to get them out alive?

Sonny The Cuckoo Bird: Does anyone really want to mess with this much crazy? I mean the bird goes berserk whenever he gets just a small whiff of Cocoa Puffs, so imagine what that half crazed bird, all hopped on Coca Puffs could actually destroy.

Corn Flakes Chicken: He doesn't even have eyes -the first to die.

Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry: They are all monsters but our battle to the death scenario takes place during daylight hours so the count is out. Frankenberry is too slow and battling a ghost is clearly pointless as you can't physically make contact with a spirit and it can't make physical contact with you...we call that a push I suppose.

Suga Bear: The dudes too cool and casual to fight and his Super Sugar Crisp is like crack so he's too much under the influence to function and the second to die right after the Corn Flakes Chicken.

If you're as weirdly interested as we are in this goofy topic, please feel free to add your thoughts and input in the comment section below. 😃

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