The competition between Michigan and Ohio goes way beyond sports.  In fact, there's a glaring reminder that they have us in one area for sure: where the rubber meets the road.  We're the car capital of the world dammit!!!  It's shameful how much better Ohio roads are than Michigan.  Also shameful is how obvious the answer to the question is!  But first, let's ask a few other questions.  Don't we both have the same road damaging weather?  Are we using inferior materials?  Are we hiring inferior contractors?  Didn't we just increase the gas tax to pay for roads & bridges?

According to here's MDOT's explanation:

This one’s not really a myth - Ohio does have better roads. The myth has more to do with why Ohio’s roads are better. It’s not a lack of know-how, it’s a lack of investment.

For the past 50 years, Michigan has ranked in the lowest 10 states in the country for investment in roads.

As for why the High gas taxes aren't fixing the roads, here's what MDOT has to say:

In fact, a recent examination of U.S. Census data shows that Michigan invests less in transportation per capita than every other state in America. Michigan spends about $154 per person on roads, compared to $214 per capita in Ohio, a difference of $60 per person. That may not sound like a big difference, but it adds up to more than $1 billion more invested in Ohio’s roads each and every year for the past nine years.

That’s almost as much as the $1.3 billion additional annual investment in Michigan roads that Gov. Snyder has called for. A look at some of Michigan’s Great Lakes neighbors yields some even more telling differences. Minnesota invests $275 per capita in roads - $121 more, and Indiana spends $289 per capita - $135 more.

Wisconsin spends almost twice as much per capita as Michigan does, at $302 per person, and Illinois invests $412 per capita - $258 more per person. Pennsylvania invests $530 per capita, more than three times what Michigan spends.

Ohio’s DOT doesn’t have any secret method for building smoother, longer-lasting roads. They just spend more to get them.

So, either Michigan starts spending the money they're supposed to or I think we should get our money back!!!

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