Much is made about what is arguably the busiest road in Kalamazoo.  Although W. Main is giving it a run for it's money.  But I think we can all agree S. Westnedge is the most well known thoroughfare in the area.  Over the years I've been counseled and have counseled on the do's & don'ts of the street. Maybe it's time we laid down the 10 commandments of S. Westnedge.

1. Thou shalt not try to turn left onto Westnedge unless one is at a light.

2. Westnedge has a hill.  Thou shalt enjoy the view, but only briefly, heading north.

3. The Milham intersection is ideal for texting whalst thou waits for the light.

4. Thoust will never see a pedestrian on the Pedestrian Bridge.

5. If thou goes fast enough crossing Westnedge on Romence going west, thou hast a good chance of getting air born...I hear.

6. Thou must go slow out of the Toys R Us parking lot or possibly lose one's back bumper.

7.  If thou misses the turn you'll end up on Shaver Road.

8. Thou shalt never try to get over to the farthest lane from where you are.

9. Thou shalt know the speed limit changes or suffer the wrath of road rage.

10. The Psychic Of Michigan doesn't know you're coming.

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