Just when we thought we'd never see gas prices under $2.00 again, the experts are predicting that many Americans could be pumping those prices soon. The question is will Americans in Michigan be some of the lucky ones?  We've seen the prices fall steadily the past month or so and despite this being "driving season" those prices might have a "1" in front of them later this year.

According to an article on wxyz.com, wholesale prices are falling faster than retail prices which is a great combination.  The nation average is about $2.72 with prices here in Kalamazoo ranging from $2.50 to $2.32.  Later this year, however, the national average is expected to be around $2.25 so you do the math cuz I'm no "mathlete".  But simple subtraction looks like around $1.85 or so.  Of course, some national or international crisis could drive prices up at any moment or the so-called conspiracy that oil companies create reasons to raise prices could kick in.  Fingers crossed.




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