I remember a while back one of the southern states was trying to re-write the history books to accommodate the opinions of a specific group.  Of course, everybody's entitled to their own opinion but they're not entitled to change what is historically accurate without sufficient evidence.

According to a report at wzzm13.com, there is a proposal to change Michigan social studies standards by removing references to gay rights, Roe v. Wade, and climate change while also trimming references to the NAACP.  Not only that, these revisions would also get rid of the word "democratic" from the phrase "core democratic values."  So now, state lawmakers will gather for a "listen and Learn" session to determine the validity of the proposed revisions.  It doesn't matter which side you're on, these "subjects" for lack of a better term do indeed exist whether you think they should or not.  I would rather our elected officials concentrate on more important things.  They're swatting at flies while elephants are stomping around them.  Check out what else is in store by clicking HERE.

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