We know what Governor Whitmer has ordered and we know that law enforcement has the power to make sure that the citizenry is adhering to the order.  But what is the stance concerning random traffic stops.  And what determines a "random" traffic stop?

wwmt.com provided some of those answers recently.  Kalamazoo and Portage police said they are increasing patrols around grocery stores and other businesses that are still open so people might see more officers patrolling, but likely won't be stopped.  Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Chief Karianne Thomas said her team is figuring out how to best enforce the order.  “We're not going to start doing traffic stops asking people where are you going and who do you work for," Thomas said.  People can leave their home if they are an essential worker, need to get groceries, medicine or gas, or need to take care of a loved one.

Portage Senior Deputy Chief John Blue said there is a fine line in the governor's order between what's essential and what's not.  He said if there is a question about whether a business should be open, police can and will step in.

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