It's no easy feat to travel to Michigan's remote Keweenaw Peninsula. Hours from the nearest interstate means you're in some of the most rural locations in the United States. But making the trip you'll be rewarded with unparalleled beauty. Take a snowy virtual drive along US 41 in the Upper Peninsula's Keweenaw County.

The video below, from December 29, 2017, shows a twilight drive on US 41, one of two roads (the other being M-26) into and out of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Here's how the OP described the video they loaded to the "You're Not 'Up North' Until You Cross the Mackinac Bridge" Facebook page:

In the Keweenaw Peninsula there is another bridge to cross to truly be "Up North"😉 Here is a video of the road less traveled. A favorite stretch of Hwy 41 near Copper Harbor MI....

That "other bridge" is the Portage Lift Bridge that connects Houghton and Hancock and is the only way in and out of the Keweenaw by road.

Taking a look at the video you can't help but think you're driving to the ends of the Earth.

BONUS VIDEO - Sun Setting Over Lake Superior and the  Keweenaw Waterway

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