Wait just a gosh darn minute here!  What is this we hear that Wisconsin wants to steal Michigan's football fans?  Now I realize that when it comes to the Upper Peninsula there are more that a few Packer fans which is understandable.  There's maybe a few Brewers fans and an occasional Bucks fan or 2 but it should end there right?  Apparently, this isn't the case anymore.

According to clickondetroit.com, the University of Wisconsin feels that, after dominating  Central Michigan 61-0, Michigan 35-14 and Michigan State 38-0, they can lay claim to the U.P.!  And the worst part is that the U.P. seems to want to go along with it!  The Wisconsin Twitter feed came right out and said: "Send us the deed"!  Then the unofficial U.P. Twitter feed responded with: "It's Official, I belong to Wisconsin now".  And it didn't stop there adding: As of today, @NorthernMichU becomes Northern Wisconsin University and @michigantech becomes Wisconsin Tech University.  So, do the Lions have to beat the Packers to get our dignity back?




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