My heart aches as more news of job loss hits our city. Due to budget concerns, Western Michigan University will lay off 240 employees. According to an article from WWMT, WMU saw a $45 million loss and are expecting another such loss in the 2020-2021 year. The layoffs, however, could be temporary, though it's unclear in what capacity staff will be returning or how quickly the university will bounce back.

Everything on the campus of Western Michigan University has been closed, from the fitness facilities to the stage at Miller Auditorium. The campus is a ghost town. It's an eerie feeling to drive down Howard and not see groups of teens waiting at the corners to cross. They have had to return home to isolate with their families and have been learning remotely since Stay Home Stay Safe recommendations went in to effect. Without thousands of students physically using the facilities at WMU, there's a huge and very noticeable loss in revenue. The result is what we're seeing in waves across the country; cutbacks, job loss, and higher unemployment.

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