Western Michigan versus Michigan. The Big Dog in the Big House playing one of the directional schools. All we need now is for the directional school to beat the big boys.

That's about as much trash talk as you'll get out of me. While the U of M may not be the program it once was, it's still Michigan and anytime two state schools play, like the game on Saturday, September 4th, it should still be a big deal and fun.

And if you're a Bronco die-hard, the WMU Alumni Association is planning a big tailgate party in Ann Arbor for the day of the game. This tailgate party is from 9a to 11:30am at the Ann Arbor Golf & Outing Club; that's just steps from Michigan Stadium. Tickets for the pre-game tailgate are $40 per person. Parking passes for the golf course are also available (for $55 per car) and will be mailed in advance of the game (though if you're serious, you may want to hurry or at least give the alumni association a call.)

Here's what's on the menu: Breakfast strata with broccoli and cheddar, Cinnamon french toast bread pudding, with nuts, and Michigan maple syrup, sweet potato hash and BBQ chicken. Surprisingly, beer and wine will be available, along with coffee and soda pop.

The WMU Alumni Association says game tickets are $60 each and you can buy them from the WMU Bronco Ticket Office (1-888-496-8849. The Bronco Ticket Office is open Monday through Friday, from 10am-4pm.)

Make sure you're decked out in Bronco gear and colors, no matter what they might be this year, and say a little prayer that the Broncos have a little Youngstown State in them on September 4th. Ok, that's trash talk.

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