There's an element of excitement when you're going to a live sports event. The atmosphere of being in a stadium or arena, that holds thousands of people - all there, rooting for the same team - It's really unmatched.

So there's nothing worse than getting to your seat, and realizing you're stuck behind a pole, or right next to the press box. Congratulations, you've just sat in one of the worst seats in sports... and one of those awful seats just happens to be at Waldo Stadium, on the campus of Western Michigan University.

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We've all seen the photos from Fenway Park and Wrigley Field of someone sitting directly behind the poles in the stadium, or the field-level boxes at Dallas Cowboys games, where you are LITERALLY below field level, and just staring at players' butts. It kind of ruins the viewing experience.

College venues are no different it seems, and people are arguing what might be the worst seats in college football.

An early entry from Neyland Stadium at Tennessee in Knoxville went viral for butting right up against the press box, and only being able to see one of the endzones.

Yeah... that sucks, but you CAN see an endzone.
Does it suck, though, as much as these seats at Waldo Stadium, Western Michigan, in Kalamazoo?

Not only are you stuck RIGHT up against the press box, obstructing your view to one side, but the only part of the field you can see is the sideline. You can't even see within the hashmarks. At least with that seat in Tennessee, you can see the occasional touchdown.

These seats at Waldo Stadium, you just have to be lucky that all the players only roll to one side of the field, and all of the touchdowns happen at the right pylon.

WHY would you put benches here? Even if you move to the "left" seat, you're still MAYBE only seeing the full width of the field from the 50-yard line.

I guess, for people who unfortunately get these seats, it's a blessing Western isn't having the best season this year because there will be plenty of space for you to move and see the whole field.

But God Forbid, Waldo sells out, and you just happen to be in seats 1 or 2 of the back few rows in the north endzone.

Go Broncos.

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