Major League Baseball's Spring Training is in full swing and now that we are into March, this year brings us another World Baseball Classic.  Baseball Fans are you interested?

The actual games started  back on Monday with an upset as Team Israel beat Team South Korea 2-1. Team Israel featuring a few major league players are a big surprise so far.

I think personally the only reason I have any interest in this years WBC, is that there are a few  Detroit Tigers players playing for various teams in the tournament.

If they were not playing in this I would stick to watching the occasional Spring Training game.

If you haven't heard many of the big name Tigers starters are apart of the teams from Venezuela and the United States.    Players including Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez and Ian Kinsler will see playing time.

There are various MLB stars scattered through out the rosters so if you are looking for something more than Spring games it maybe worth a look.

Two big games to look forward to on the schedule include, USA vs. Dominican Republic on Saturday night.   Team Venezuela will  be in action on Friday against Puerto Rico.

For more details on the schedules for the WBC ,you can also see  the full rosters at World Baseball

Baseball fans you more excited for Spring Training or the WBC?  Will you be watching this month?

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