Does Michigan have the largest suspension bridge, log cabin, and lug nut in the world?  Yes, yes it does.

A giant silver lugnut that weighs an estimated 5,000 pounds sits on top of a brick smokestack in Lansing, Michigan.  This giant, shiny auto part has been deemed the largest lug nut in the world.  But, why?

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Minor league baseball is why this lug nut towers above the capital city according to  Atlas Obscura,

When minor league baseball came back to Lansing, Michigan, in the mid-1990s, the “Lugnuts” was chosen as the local team name.  Shortly after the team began playing baseball in Lansing, an oversized lug nut was installed atop a brick smokestack across the street from the team’s home field.

The locals didn't warm up to the name "Lugnuts" immediately.  In fact, they hated it.  Now, they seem to love the name as they yell "let's go nuts" during baseball games.  The giant nut that overlooks Jackson Field where the Lugnuts play ball is a symbol of over 25 years of minor league baseball in Lansing.  If you are interested in checking out the largest lugnut on planet earth or want to check out a Lansing Lugnut game you can click here.

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