Michigan roads are notoriously rough. The annual freeze-thaw cycle leaves our pavement forever jarringly pocked and potholed. But what exactly are the worst roads in the Kalamazoo area?

The question came up recently on the Kalamazoo, Now and Then Facebook group.

There's a pretty clear winner: King(s) Highway. From the intersection where M-96 ends to Michigan Avenue on downtown Kalamazoo's East End, this stretch of road, measuring just over 1 1/4 mile is panned as the worst in Kalamazoo.

king highway map
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What They Say About King Highway

Kings highway hands down, disgrace to Kalamazoo, I know it's state controlled but Mayor Hopewell needs to get in there and complain to MDOT.

I have to agree on Kings Highway too. Don't drive it much because it's crappy.

Horrible shape and due to those scrapyards along the way, I've gotten a flat from some of the metal that can litter the road there.

KING HIGHWAY, the State and Kalamazoo should be ashamed of it, nothing but asphalt patches.

Other Honorable Mention Bad Roads in Kalamazoo

Other roads that get mentioned as bad, whether due to pavement conditions, traffic or railroad crossings are: Virginia Avenue near Mt Olivet, Sprinkle Road and the railroad crossing on Mosel Ave.

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