Governor Whitmer pledged to "Fix the damn roads!" but most people are not happy with a proposed 45 cent gas tax hike.

Michigan already has one of the highest gas taxes in the country, and that hasn't helped fix any roads so far. So why hike it up even more? The main reason is that despite having a huge gas tax, only a small portion goes towards fixing Michigan's roads. Check out the video from MDOT below explaining the tax money distribution.

So what is the answer?

Maybe it's time for Michigan to adopt a few toll roads throughout the state that will directly pay for the road repairs in Michigan.

Anyone that has driven on the turnpike through Ohio knows all about toll roads. They have tons of traffic, similar weather conditions, but the road is never as bad as ours.

I don't know exactly how the fees from toll roads work, but it has to be more effective than the gas tax system that's already in place. Plus with more vehicles becoming fuel efficient or electric, the gas tax might become obsolete.

So the real question is, what makes you less road ragey? Paying even more at the pump, or having a few stretches of toll road in Michigan?


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