Are you like me?  Do you think you know everything there is to know about Kalamazoo?  That there isn't anything you'd be surprised to learn?  Just when I cop an attitude like that about something I'm usually proven wrong.  To be honest, the amount I've never bothered to learn about where I've lived for the past 28 years would, I'm sure, be astounding.

Well, if I would just take the time to take the time I could remedy that which is lacking in my knowledge of Kalamazoo and other surrounding areas.  According to our friends at MLive, local historian Lynn Houghton and Gazelle Sports have partnered to offer free historic walks in various parts of the city and more.  It only takes 60 to 90 minutes each exploring the well known historic areas and some locations you probably wouldn't think of or know  were even historic.  And it's FREE!!!  For all the information you'll need to get started just click HERE.

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