I know. I know. I live in Michigan. Of course, I should know this "question" from Jeopardy. But how in the name of Art Fleming could three really smart geniuses not know that answer to this question?

The question they missed was on Monday night's show. It was the end of the Memorial Day weekend, so you may have missed seeing it, too.

Ok, so the category is "There is an 'I' in team". The question is for $1,000: "Gordie Howe played for this NHL team from 1946 to 1971."

Has there ever been a bigger softball lobbed at the contestants than this?  It's not like they asked what team Gordie Howe signed with so he could play alongside sons Mark and Marty. Nor did they ask the team he finished his near 40 year career, this time  alongside another all time Hall of Famer, Bobby Hull. They just asked what team he played the lion's share of his career with and with whom he is synonymous with. (Pay attention here)

The Detroit Red Wings.

And, on the first night of her two week guest hosting stint, Mayim Bialik sweetly added, Gordie Howe was the late Alex Trebek's favorite player. (A nice touch)

(The answers to the other two questions: The Houston Aeros in 1973, playing with teammates, future Hall of Famer son Mark and son Marty. Then, after the Aeros folded, the Howes moved over to the Hartford/New England Whalers, where they were joined by another hockey legend, Bobby Hull, who like Howe also sired a hockey Hall of Famer, former Red Wing Brett Hull.

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