There's a new announcement almost daily regarding the Stay Home, Stay Safe order.  So, can you purchase adult beverages?

Monday Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an order for a liquor buy back program to help local restaurants and bars.  There's no doubt that people are drinking more during the quarantine than ever before.  I'm not basing that on a study or sales numbers.  I'm basing that on my facebook feed.

With the Governor's latest order along with the fact that states like Alabama and Pennsylvania closed down liquor stores back in March according to Mlive.  People are left unsure.  I dare suggest, some are in a little bit of a panic about their local spirits shop.

In fact, some people argue that liquor stores are "essential" because they can make hand sanitizer out of adult beverages.  Fun fact: the CDC has debunked that practice.  Hand sanitizer, for the purpose of killing coronaviurs, should be 60-70% alcohol.  You'll find that most liquor falls dramatically short of that number.

So, take a drink my friends.  You're more than likely not driving anywhere anytime soon.

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