As we have chronicled for over a year now, despite legalization in the State of Michigan there was no place to buy buy it.  You could grow it and possess it but there were no retail options for those without a medical marijuana card to acquire it.  Almost immediately following the passage of the law, cities and municipalities voted to ban the sale creating a bit of a catch 22.  Further, the State of Michigan hadn't adequately set up a regulatory body to oversee the process.  Now we have the Marijuana Regulatory Agency and they look to be ready to...well...regulate recreational sale.

In an article on, the M.R.A says: "Businesses that are licensed to grow, process or sell marijuana for medical use can, beginning Dec. 1, transfer half their inventory to the recreational market if they have the necessary license. Some recreational licenses are expected to be approved soon."  As it turns out, this is much sooner than expected.  For more information click HERE.


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