Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock and other internet retailers will be required to collect Michigan's 6% state sales tax beginning January 1, 2020.

Michigan's Governor Whitmer has signed a bill that is expected to cost you a little more, but bring $90 million to Michigan.

House Bills 4540, 4541, 4542, and 4543 would amend the Sales Tax Act and the Use Tax Act to subject to the sales and use taxes marketplace facilitators (including websites such as Amazon and eBay) and out-of-state retailers that sell or facilitate the sale of goods in Michigan.

-Michigan House Fiscal Agency

What this means is, out of state businesses will be required to add Michigan's 6% sales tax to your order, then forward the money to the State. Under prior law, businesses with no brick & mortar storefront in the state were exempt from paying the 6% tariff. It may seem small, but the economic impact to the state is expected to exceed $90 million.

Can we use the money to fix the damn roads, already?

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