Former Tiger pitcher Joel Zumaya is like many Detroit Tigers fan, and has had his fill. Zumaya took to Instagram to take out his frustration with his former team.

Said the former relief ace who could throw north of 100 mph,

Is there any other true Detroit Tiger Fan as disappointed as I am on how this season is going for the team!!!! WELL I JOEL ZUMAYA # 54 FORMER DETROIT TIGER, truly am disgusted, disappointed, just flat out upset on how this organization has let itself fall into a category which I thought this organization would never see again!!! I’m gonna say this straight out of my mouth, I can’t believe they gave Al Avila a undisclosed extension, blows my mind, they need to clean house, they need to go through the main office and start removing some of these nerds that have no clue about the good ole game of baseball!!! The good old English D is to iconic! To great to even let fall to these standards!!! My apologies I come so bold, but as they say once a tiger always a tiger!!! so I’m entitled to my own opinion and I’m entitled to say whatever I want whether people like it or not!!!! - Joel Zumaya on Instagram.

The Tigers decided the rebuild was over and they were ready to compete this year, but that's not as easy to do as it seems. Young teams with young players are going to go through growing pains. There's some talent that will probably produce better in a season or two after they have some big league experience. Whether it's worth blowing things up now, only (Tigers owner) Christopher Ilitch can answer that question. Manger A.J. Hinch is highly though of throughout baseball.

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Zumaya's biggest gripe is the Tigers can't score runs. Well, maybe a trade here or there and that can be fixed. But again, the last thing you want to do is mortgage the future for a broken down old ballplayer now, just to generate a few runs this season. If the Tiger youth is as good as promised, it should start showing itself soon. We'll see. And do you want to trade away Miguel Cabrera? A broken down old ballplayer is going to bring you what in return?

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