Sorry not sorry, Hoosiers...two can play at this game.

Yesterday, we told you about how there are a couple of digital billboards at the Michigan/Indiana border, displayed by Swick Broadcasting Company, on I-69 near Angola. The billboards are poking fun at Michigan's Stay Home, Stay Safe order, which has been extended until June 12th.

The southbound sign says, “The Great State of Indiana Welcomes Michiganders To A Free-To-Roam State. We Thank You for the Revenue!”

The northbound sign says, “Now Entering Michigan: Really? You’re sure about this?”

The owner of Swick Broadcasting, Steve Swick, claims that the signs were not meant to be political and that the response has been positive; he just wants people to know that Indiana is open for business.

We're gonna call BS on that one, but anyway...

...we think that Indiana kind of lofted this one to us. There are a million things we can say to poke fun at our neighbors to the south.

What do Indiana men say to women in bed?

Hoosier daddy?

It's not hard to make jokes. We, however, do NOT own billboards anywhere, so we're gonna pitch these out there if somebody wants to pick them up.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow to me present to you our ideas for billboards to put up at the Michiana border that will put those Hoosiers in their place.

10 Billboards that Michigan Should Put Up at the Indiana Border

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