Wolfgang Van Halen said he didn’t believe his uncle Alex Van Halen would take part in David Lee Roth’s final concerts.

The singer announced he’d be retiring after his Las Vegas residency, set to run between Dec. 31 and Jan. 22, and suggested the shows would involve a reunion with former bandmate Alex.

But in a recent interview with Spin, Wolfgang was asked about the possibility and responded: “I don’t think so.” Pressed that Roth had said it was happening, he replied: “Yeah, I know. I don’t know about that!” He added: “ I’m not talking for Al or anything, but I haven’t heard. I haven’t talked to Al about it, but I mean, that doesn’t really seem like something Al would do. The thing with Van Halen that people should have learned [by] now is that if it doesn’t come from them, it’s not true. And Al has not made any public statements about this. So I wouldn’t expect it. If he didn’t say it, it’s probably not true.”

He continued: “People love to talk about Dad [Eddie Van Halen] and the way he ran the band, but that’s not really true. Al’s the kind of the one who was in charge and in the way that the band publicly sort of related.”

Wolfgang also confirmed that he was some time away from exploring his late father’s archive with a view to releasing posthumous material, saying that his own career with Mammoth WVH and work on upgrading Van Halen’s 5150 studio took priority. Calling the archive project “a monumental effort that needs to have its proper time,” he reported: “it’ll happen eventually. But as I said, don’t plan on it. Don’t wait for it.”

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