You must be here wondering why on Earth we created a gallery about hair. Believe it or not, hair has always been a prominent aspect of rock culture, as the general style has changed greatly over the decades.

Elvis Presley really started it all with his greaser look. Somehow, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones completely missed the memo when they came along in the 60s with their mushroom and bowl cuts. Thankfully, things started to look up toward the end of the decade when groups like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath came around with long, flowing natural locks. From Robert Plant's curly-cues to Gregg Allman's silky smooth blonde mane, most men in rock started wearing long hair in the coming years.

The latter half of the '70s was when punk took over, briefly, their thing was more about looking like sea urchins.

The '80s were...interesting, to say the least. It became less about the natural texture and more about how to make it the biggest it could possibly be. It's a surprise that the glam rockers in that era didn't completely deplete the world of bleach and Aquanet. We're looking at you, C.C. Deville.

Things were a bit more lax in the '90s when grunge exploded. Everyone pretty much ditched the hairspray, including Alice in Chains, who began as a glam metal suit. Jerry Cantrell eventually gave up and sported his long, straight locks, and Chris Cornell whipped his massively curly mop around on stage until he chopped it a few years later.

After grunge started to fade away, nu-metal came in with a bang. The most common hairstyle? Dreadlocks. What's up, Jonathan Davis?

Since the start of the 2000s, there is really no general hairstyle anymore. Really, everyone's pretty much doing whatever they want. While it's great to see legends such as Slash and David Coverdale still rocking the same hair they were 30 years ago, other giants have ditched their youth entirely and adopted new looks.

The newer rockers, on the other hand, seem to just be going with the flow — pun entirely intended. Lzzy Hale went for a mohawk and even wrote a song about what she expected the public's reaction to be. It's a free for all with hair, and it's great to see everyone expressing themselves uniquely. We'd mention guys like David Draiman, but he opted out of the hair party.

But seriously, thank heavens the Aquanet era has been left in the past. The only ones who seem to be clinging onto it are the dudes in Steel Panther, but that's a whole other ballgame.

Now that you've had a history lesson on the Hair of Rock 'N' Roll 101, scroll through the gallery below to see our favorite 'dos throughout the years.

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