When it comes to urban legends, myths, monsters, hauntings and paranormal activity, there can't be another state in the union that can beat Michigan.

Sure, there are plenty of ghost towns in the western states, lots of paranormal tales that come from the New England states...but for volume, Michigan beats 'em all. Michigan may be smaller than  some states – Texas and California for example - but we just seem to bottle more ghostly activity, creatures, and weird legends than any other.

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Best places in Michigan to discover these tales? Once you hit Clare in the middle of the mitten, go east, west, or north; there are places all throughout the upper half of the mitten with stories and urban legends. But don't count out lower Michigan – there are plenty here, too...especially thanks to the trail of bodies left behind by gangsters between Chicago and Detroit, plus plenty of other hauntings and legends.

The countless murders and unnecessary deaths seem to bring restless spirits and unexplained occurrences in local graveyards. Of course, many of our legends and myths are exaggerations and tall tales. But then again, every story is based on SOMEthing real, no matter how outlandish the stories become when handed down from generation to generation, friend to friend.

The twenty Michigan urban legends and tales below are most likely ones you may have heard before...maybe not. But Halloween is coming soon...and we need to get geared up for it. So gather the kiddies and read them some of these scary Michigan urban legends some night when the wind is howling outside...and there are plenty more...

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Below is just the tip of the iceberg—a list of fifty Michigan hauntings that have been "reported" in cemeteries, houses, woods, jails, businesses, neighborhoods...if you can name it, there's probably a haunting for it.

Take a look at the list of fifty Michigan hauntings below and come to your own conclusions.

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