Hope you've been saving up! Record Store Day is upon us, with music-loving fans around the world getting set to scoop up all sorts of great specialty releases tomorrow (April 21). There are a lot of solid vinyl offerings to choose from (and yes, some cassettes too), so many that it may be hard to keep track of everything coming out. With that in mind, we're keeping all you hard rock and metal-loving fans out there covered with a guide to what to look for.

Some of the bigger offerings that will be available through all stores include a cassette version of the AC/DC classic Back in Black. Another classic disc getting some love is Whitesnake's 1987 self-titled release, with the 30th anniversary edition now available as a vinyl picture disc.

You've got rarities sets from Disturbed (The Lost Children) and Evanescence (Lost Whispers) that will be available in vinyl LP form. Stone Sour serve up the Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions, and the Ramones take you inside the Sundragon Sessions. Living Colour take you back to their early days with Live at CBGB's 12.19.89 on double LP. If classic live offerings are your thing, check out Iggy Pop's Live at the Ritz, NYC 1986. And also live on vinyl are Linkin Park with the more modern One More Light Live and Rage Against the Machine's Live at the Democratic National Convention 2000 release. Plus, you've got iconic acts like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and MC5 all are offering vinyl singles.

There are certain Record Store Day offerings that will only be offered as limited releases or are regionally specific, so you might have to dig a little harder to find them. Among these are Motorhead's 7" picture disc of "Heroes," AWOLNATION's Live in Vienna 7" vinyl offering, Morbid Angel's Kingdoms Disdained picture disc and more.

And finally there is a collection of Record Store Day "firsts," meaning that these specialty items are being offered in their format specifically for Record Store Day before being issued elsewhere. So be among the first to claim Soundgarden's A-Sides on double-LP vinyl, the Twin Peaks limited event series soundtrack on double-LP vinyl, Def Leppard's Live at Abbey Road as a 12" single or The Police's "Roxanne" as a 7" picture disc.

Check out the full hard rock and metal Record Store Day listings below, and to see all of the Record Store Day offerings, check here. Need help finding a participating store? We've got you covered there too, as you can use this store locater right here.

2018 Record Store Day Hard Rock + Metal Guide

AC/DC, Back in Black - Cassette
The Alarm, Where Two Rivers Meet - LP
Blue Oyster Cult, Rarities, Vol. 2 - 2XLP
Celtic Frost, Tragic Serenades - 12" Picture Disc
Chainsaw Kittens, Chainsaw Kittens - LP
Circle Jerks, Gig - LP
Gary Clark Jr. With Junkie XL, Come Together - 12" Picture Disc
Descendents, Who We Are - 7" Vinyl
Disturbed, The Lost Children - 2XLP
Dwarves, Lucifer's Crank - 12" Vinyl
Evanescence, Lost Whispers - LP
Hawkwind, Dark Matter (The Alternative Liberty / U.A. Years 1970-1974) - 2XLP
Jimi Hendrix, "Mannish Boy" / "Trash Men" - 7" vinyl
Insane Clown Posse, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers - 2XLP
Jethro Tull, Moths - 10" vinyl
Kreator, Behind the Mirror - 12" Picture Disc
Led Zeppelin, "Friends" / "Rock and Roll" - 7" Vinyl
Linkin Park, One More Light Live - 2XLP
Living Colour, Live at CBGB's 12.19.89 - 2XLP
Mastodon, Emperor of Sand - 12" Picture Disc
MC5, "I Can Only Give You Everything" / "I Just Don't Know" - 7" Vinyl
MC5, "Looking at You" / "Borderline" - 7" Vinyl
Pink Floyd, Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Mono) - LP
Iggy Pop, Live at the Ritz, NYC 1986 - 2XLP
Quicksand, Triptych Continuum - 12" Vinyl
Rage Against the Machine, Live at the Democratic National Convention 2000 - LP
Ramones, Sundragon Sessions LP
The Regrettes / The Distillers, Side by Side "Dismantle Me" - 7" Vinyl
Soul Asylum, Live From Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX Dec. 3, 1992 - 2XLP
Stone Sour, Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions - LP
The Stooges, The Stooges (Detroit Edition) - 2XLP
Voivod, Too Scared to Scream - 12" Picture Disc
Whitesnake, 1987 (30th Anniversary Edition) - LP Picture Disc
Steven Wilson, How Big the Space - 12" Vinyl

Limited Run / Regional Releases

Tim Armstrong, A Poet's Life - LP
AWOLNATION, Live in Vienna - 7" Vinyl
Jeff Beck, Truth - LP
Europe, Walk the Earth - LP Picture Disc
Jungle Rot, What Horrors Await - LP
Morbid Angel, Kingdoms Disdained - LP Picture Disc
Motorhead, Heroes - 7" Picture Disc
Saxon, Princess of the Night - 7" Vinyl
Teenage Bottlerocket, Warning Device (10th Anniversary Edition) - LP
Johnny Thunders, So Alonesome - LP
Uriah Heep, Look at Yourself - LP
Various Artists, Boston Hardcore '89-'91 - LP
Various Artists, Recutting the Crap, Vol. 2 - 2XLP

RSD "First" Release

Catherine Wheel, Happy Days - 2XLP
Def Leppard, Live at Abbey Road - 12" Vinyl Single
Killing Joke, Absolute Dissent - 2XLP
The Police, Roxanne - 7" Picture Disc
Soundgarden, A-Sides - 2XLP
Sublime, Sublime - 10" Vinyl
Tad, Quick and Dirty - LP
Touche Amore, Demo 12" - 12" Vinyl
Various Artists, Twin Peaks (Music From the Limited Event Series) - 2XLP
The Who, The Kids Are Alright - 2XLP

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