Pearl Jam have released most of their live performances over the years.  One of those that has been ignored is finally getting a vinyl release for Record Store Day.

According to the Record Store Day website, Pearl Jam's  MTV Unplugged performance will be released on vinyl for Record Store Day on Black Friday, November 29th.

The show took place on March 16th, 1992  following the bands first American Tour.   It features mostly songs from "Ten" along with "State Of Love And Trust" (which was featured on the "Singles" soundtrack).

The performance was released on DVD as apart of a Super Deluxe collectors edition of "Ten".  The set was released back in 2009.

The new vinyl release will be one of the limited releases for Record Store Day.  For more details on the release of Pear Jam's Unplugged you can check out the Record Store Day site here.

For the full list of Record Store Day releases you can visit the Record Store Day website here.




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