I haven't had a chance to weigh in on the issue of members of the homeless population sleeping in Bronson Park.  First let me say that I'm in favor of helping these people and agree that they deserve as much of a chance to succeed as anyone else.  However, I don't agree that they should be allowed to sleep in public parks such as Bronson under the pretense that it is unfair not to let them.  A park is designated for that which is intended and not for a residence; temporary or not.  And "judgey" or not it does discourage people from visiting the space.

That having been said, our friends at MLive revealed recently that 259,000 was left unspent that could have directly helped the people we're talking about.  Now I know that certain money is earmarked for certain things but it generally goes to people who are disadvantaged economically and who's disadvantaged more than the homeless???  Get all the details by clicking HERE.

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