If you are a fan of Oreo Cookies be on the lookout for new flavors set to be released in 2018.

According to Food & Wine, Oreo has announced 3 new flavors that were created by fans in their My Oreo Creation contest.

The flavors are Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn and Pina Colada Thins.  These flavors are set to hit stores in May.  Once released cookie fans are asked to vote on their favorite of those three new flavors.

Personally I would try the Cherry Cola and Kettle Corn.  If i had to guess I would probably like the Cherry Cola out of those new flavors.

I love the original and golden flavors so I will stick with those classics.  If you like these limited flavors more are coming out in the next few months with past seasonal favorites also on the way.

Would you try any of these new Flavors?

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