These four hotels that are all within an hour of Rochester are some of the most haunted in Minnesota.

Since these are all within an hour of Rochester you could easily go to each of them and see if they truly are haunted... if you're brave enough. I'd probably be too scared so I won't be going. Keep scrolling to check out the 4 most haunted hotels all within an hour of Rochester.

4 Most Haunted Hotels Within an Hour of Rochester

These four hotels in Southeast Minnesota are some of the most haunted in the state, and they're all within an hour of Rochester, MN.

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Haunted Hotels near Rochester Summary

The Kahler Hotel opened in Rochester in 1921. It was part hotel and part the beginnings of the Mayo Clinic which was called 'The Sanatorium' at the time. Eventually, the Mayo Clinic moved to its own building and The Kahler Hotel became The Kahler Grand Hotel, but some former patients of Mayo Clinic never left. Haunted Rooms writes that visitors to the Kahler claim to experience "strange smells, rapid changes in temperatures, and bizarre sounds."

Mrs. B's in Lanesboro is on the National Register of Historic Places! The building was built in 1872 and it became Mrs. B's Inn in 1983. It's said that famous people have stayed at the Inn, like Buffalo Bill and Doc Powell, and that "their spirits remain on the premises", according to Haunted Rooms.

The St. James Hotel in Red Wing first opened on Thanksgiving Day of 1875. Since then, it's been a very popular place to stay for both humans and ghosts alike. One ghost that Only in Your State says haunts the 3rd floor is the ghost of a former owner of the hotel.

The Sweet's Hotel in Leroy was built back in 1898 and everyone believes this place to be haunted. Even the owner of the hotel, Lu Overocker, who doesn't believe in ghosts, still believes that the Sweet's Hotel is haunted.

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