A year ago fireworks had to be put on pause due to the pandemic but in 2021, Grand Rapids will once again light up the sky.

There is nothing like sitting downtown Grand Rapids with the kids enjoying some snacks from the vendors in anticipation for the fireworks that will be lit off later in the evening. It is awesome to celebrate Independence day as fireworks fly high above the city.

According to WOOD, the Grand Rapids city commission recently voted to bring back fireworks and a list of events to the city for the back half of 2021.

Riverbank Events' Family Fireworks recently go their approval from the city to host the fireworks July 3 at 10 p.m. at Ah-Nab-Awen Park and the Gillet Bridge.

With more and more people getting their COVID-19 shots the city feels it is time to let people gather again for events in downtown Grand Rapids.

It would be cool if the city already ordered fireworks for last year and add some more for this years celebration but I may be dreaming on this one.

Wood reported that the city has approved more events like a Memorial Day parade May 30, the Hollyhock Lane Paraded for Fourth of July, the Grand Rapids Polish Festival in August, Festival of the Arts in June and September, ArtPrize in October, the Veterans Day parade in November and Santa Parade in December are also happening this year.

The city is starting with some of the bigger events but so far they have not mentioned if the fireworks or any other event will be limited capacity or if people will have socially distance downtown.

One good thing for sure is, it is nice to see that slowly some signature events are returning to Grand Rapids. It sure was odd last year seeing the city so empty all summer. Hopefully this year will be the beginning of the city regaining its pulse again.

Whatever the protocols the state will have at the time of the fireworks or any other event in Grand Rapids, attendees will be expected to follow the orders on masks and social distancing. Currently the Kent County Health Department, Grand Rapids Fire Department along with the city commission are looking at what is expected and will soon announce what you and your family should plan for.

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