As the 2018 season winds down for the Detroit Tigers, a look to next season as their 2019 schedule has been released.

The Detroit Tigers released their 2019 schedule and here is a look at 5 highlights for the next season.

The Tigers will finally start the season on the road.  They will open in the dome in Toronto against the Blue Jays on March 28th.  I remember opening day in March this past season and it was too cold for baseball.  Hopefully this will become a regular thing to have the Tigers on the road to start the year.

With the season starting in Toronto and then New York, the Tigers will have their Home Opener in Detroit on April 4th against the Kansas City Royals. Let's hope the weather will cooperate this time around.

2019 season will see the Tigers and Royals play a game in Omaha,Nebraska on June 13th.  The game will take place a few days before the start of the College World Series.

Along with their annual Interleague series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, which takes place on April 16-17 in Detroit and June 18-19th in Pittsburgh, the Tigers will face the National League East teams in interleague play.

The Marlins and Nationals come to Detroit.  The Tigers will travel to Atlanta, New York and Philidelphia during the summer.

Another highlight of the upcoming season will see the Tigers travel to Boston to take on the Red Sox April 22nd through 25th.   Could this be a matchup against the possible World Series Champions?

To view the 2019 Detroit Tigers schedule you can check out Detroit Tigers dot com.

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