First image that comes to mind when I think of a Witch is of course from the Wizard Of Oz. I mean anyone who watched that movie as a child will forever associate Margaret Hamilton's frightening portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West to pure evil, as she brilliantly serves as an unnerving nemesis to Dorothy and her gang of misfits traveling to Oz. While the movie attempted to balance the witch demeanor with Witch of the East?  See, even though she served up heaps of caring and kindness to Dorothy to sort of offset and balance that evil stereotype Witches get, apparently it didn't work on me because I barely remember her.

So why do Witches get bad raps handing poisonous apples to young girls and changing good looking young men into frogs? I don't know...but I bet I know who does. Real Witches. So here are 5 places you locate a witch and ask one for yourself. I would avoid any offer to help yourself to any free standing apples in a bowl though...just in case :)

5) TWA Corbies - Ann Arbor

According to the web site: TWA Corbies is a training group or outer court of a Gardnerian coven in southeast Michigan. Gardnerian witchcraft is an initiatory British tradition of Wicca that traces its lineage back to Gerald Gardner. Our priest and priestess, Michael and Magda, are third degree Gardnerian witches (Olwen line) who have been working together in circle for over a decade. We have a rich, connected community across many states and countries and participate in activities within a larger network of Gardnerian covens. We value diversity and are open to participants of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Tradition or Spiritual Path: Gardnerian Wicca Contact name is Magdalene O’Brien here is e-mail

4) Walnut Witches Coven - Lansing

Small traditional Gardnerian coven open to students. Vouches available upon request. Seekers must be 21 and up.

Tradition or Spiritual Path: Gardnerian. Contact: Teresa Maxson Here is e-mail:

3) Weavers Of The Web ATC - Lansing

 According to the website:

Weavers of the Web is a public Wiccan church in the WISE-ATC tradition. We are committed to providing safe space for all to learn, grow, and worship the gods, so that none need ever be alone. We primarily work with the Norse pantheon, but we can and do work with other deities as needed or requested.

 We meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm (excluding federal holidays) at Inner Ascended Masters Ministries, 5705 S. Washington Ave., Lansing, MI 48911; these activities include esbat rituals, meditations, workshops, and discussion groups. We also offer Sabbat rituals for all eight Sabbats, usually the Saturday before or after. These are all free and open to the public; donations are requested to cover the cost of our space.

In addition, we host regular weekly and monthly events at IAMM, including game nights, craft nights, psychic fairs, and more. Check our calendar on our website or follow us on Facebook ( to stay up-to-date on all our meetings and events.

We provide initiatory training in conjunction with the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary for those who are interested. Participation in this training program is required in order to lead rituals for Weavers of the Web. For more information, contact Solinox Silverstar, or visit the seminary online at

Tradition or Spiritual Path: WISE-ATC Wicca

Contact: Solinox Silverstar. E-mail:

2) Meditative Minds - Romeo

According to their Facebook Page: A group for witches, spirited minds, and anyone looking for adventure and new friends. We will be meeting on the first Friday of every month (unless stated otherwise). With group meditations, discussions, spellwork, rituals, and nature walks/meetings when the weather permits.

Tradition or Spiritual Path: Witchcraft.  

Contact: Casey Capoccia Facebook @CaseyCapoccia

1) Ravens Grove - Taylor

According to their Facebook page: The group itself is designed for lower/downriver Michigan witches to connect and learn about different aspects of paganism and Wicca! All are welcome.

Tradition or Spiritual Path: Eclectic Paganism and Wiccan practice

Contact: Trinity


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