A few months ago we were all introduced to "Ope"; the word/noise we make instead of saying excuse me. Unbeknownst to me, "Ope" hit a nerve not only with Michiganders but also many in the Midwest and around the country.  So maybe "Ope" isn't just a "Michigan" thing.

Now comes 5 words sent to me that Michiganders frequently pronounce wrong.  Some might say it's laziness.  I say it's just getting to the point; whatever that point is.  Anyway, here they are used in a sentence for further clarity. that that were

1. Fridgerader (Refrigerator) "Who left the Fridgerader door open again?"

2. Grosheries (Groceries) "I left some Groshries in the car".

3. Secretaria State (Secretary Of State) "I spent an hour at the Secretaria State".

4. Comf-derble (Comfortable) "Just when I get Comf-derble the phone rings".

5. Yousta (Used To) "I Yousta be able to talk good".

What other words do we Michiganders pronounce wrong?

Bonus Video: People From Illinois Explain Michigan Accents

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