I love it when you can stumble upon a gem from the 70s and 80s on YouTube about a local iconic store that is famous in your area. One such collection of commercials can be found from 1981 that originally aired on WOTV which was an NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

There is a particular commercial that if you watch with the sound off, you may not even be able to tell who it’s for. The look is so outdated and different from what it is today that you’d be shocked to find out that this is actually a commercial for the Michigan-based store Meijer. On top of that, there are two women in southwest Michigan, who are featured in the commercial.

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The two local women featured are Pam Gibson from Galesburg and the other, Linda Buck from Kalamazoo. It also features a few others from Grand Rapids. I'm curious if any of these two women are still around and are still aware that they were in this commercial and that it's available online like this.

You can watch the video below at the 13-minute and 55-second mark. There is also another Meijer commercial at the 19-minute 55-second mark for the original store name, Meijer Thrifty Acres.

This little bit of nostalgia is a great way to start the week off. It is pretty crazy, having grown up going to Meijer, just how much it's changed over the years. Even my hometown store looks completely different with all of the modernizations they've made to their locations in the last few years.

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