As I've mentioned often, some of my best friends are in law enforcement and one of them was part of the K9 unit.  I came to learn not only how hard it is to be successful with a dog as a partner but also how unconditionally courageous the dogs are.  As one officer put it: "There's no hesitation on the dogs part when confronting danger.  It's so unbelievable to see".  In addition, these canines can do things that humans can't and that goes a long way to improving enforcement.

Device Explodes Along Route Of Military 5K Run
Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

Unfortunately, this very important component to our overall safety is not completely funded.  So, here's where you come in.  This Saturday you have the opportunity to eat some great chili, get involved in the competition and help a great "paws".  Check out all the info below.  And don't worry if things get dangerously hot.  First Responders will be on hand.  Get more info by clicking HERE.



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