The Palace Of Auburn Hills is set to close after Bob Seger plays there one last time on September 23rd.  As the venue closes,  I will look back at some of the shows I have had the chance to see at the arena.  Next up The Family Values Tour in September of 1999.

I made it to the Palace quite a bit in the Summer and Fall of 1999.  Let us look back at another show I was able to see at the Palace that year The Family Values Tour.

This was the tour that was started up by Korn the year before.   Korn was not at the show I saw  at the Palace.  This version was headlined by Limp Bizkit and also featured the band Filter, The Crystal Method and Staind.    There was also rap on the bill but I can't remember if it was Ja Rule or Mobb Deep or both that played at the Palace.

Staind was the first band on the bill and this was when their breakthrough album, "Dysfunction" was out.  At the time of the show I think other than Filter, Staind was my favorite part of this tour.


I completely forgot who performed next it was the rap portion of the tour.   I do remember The Crystal Method who was third.  It was a set that featured cool lighting and their songs the big one at that time was, "Name Of The Game".

Filter was next and I was a big fan of their's at the time.   I don't remember the setlist but I do remember some cool flash pots on stage and a tight performance from the band.


Limp Bizkit headlined and it was a typical show with Fred getting the crowd going.   The only thing that made them stand out for me was an appearance by Joe C from Kid Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker Band.   I think he got a bigger response than Limp Bizkit.

This year of the tour seemed to be the weakest lineup for me.   Staind and Filter were great.  Crystal Method was ok.  The rest I didn't really care for.   It was still cool to have had the chance to see one of these tours live.   Unfortunately I couldn't find any clips from the Palace show I did find a few clips from the tour that year.

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