The Palace Of Auburn Hills is set to close after Bob Seger plays there one last time on September 23rd.  As the venue closes,  I will look back at some of the shows I have had the chance to see at the arena.  Next up Creed in October of 1999.

Creed is one of those bands that has polarized people over the years.  I think a lot of the heat they received at the time and even now is because of Scott Stapp.     Though when you look back to the year 1999 they were one of the biggest bands at the time.   I had the chance to see them live at the Palace which was during their "Human Clay" tour.

This was when they were coming off their debut album and an appearance at "Woodstock 99".   Their second album, "Human Clay" was only a few weeks old when I saw this show.

"Higher" was one of the biggest songs that fall and of course it was one of the songs the band performed.   The whole show was the band rolling through their two albums and Stapp preaching  to the crowd.

I'll admit it was a decent show for what it was and other than Scott Stapp on stage,  I liked what Mark Tremonti and the rest of the guys were doing.

The openers for this show actually interested me more than Creed.  Oleander was a band that released a song called, "Why I'm Here" that blew up during this tour.    I liked what these guys were doing great energy for an opener.  They eventually put out a decent second album and then faded away.

Our Lady Peace was in the middle of this show and a band at the time that I actually liked.   This was around the time of their "Happiness....Is Not A Fish You Can Catch" album.   A great Canadian band that is still going strong, even though they have changed up their lineup and their sound in recent years.

This was the best I could find for live clips of these three bands as no footage of the show exist that I could find.

It was an interesting tour that when you look back seemed to be small for the Palace.  Because of the appeal of Creed at the time, the Palace was actually filled up for this tour.   It was a tour for it's time and I am glad I got to experience these three bands live.

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