Have you ever had a real nightmare before Christmas? It seems like nobody is safe from 2020's curse as it looks as though Santa has found himself to be in bad ways. The Pier Cove Cargo Company is hosting a photo opportunity for those who live for nightmarish encounters. They've set up their zombie Santa and are allowing people to come and take pictures on his lap. They even painted a picture of how Santa turned on their event page:

In the distant future. A horrible virus ravages the world. Millions are infected. Slowly those most affected start to turn into flesh eating ZOMBIES.
Sadly our beloved Santa Claus is infected and has turned into Zombie Claus.
But in the commercialized spirit of Christmas. Mrs Claus and a few Elves was able to chain and cage Santa.
Viewing of Zombie Claus will be every Friday and Saturday during the month of December from 6pm To 9pm. strict COVID19 precautions
will be inforced.
And pictures maybe taken with Zombie Claus.

In order to take a picture with Zombie Claus, you have to pay $5, but once payment is received, you'll get $5 store credit to the Pier Cove Cargo Company. For those of you who are brave enough for this experience, make sure you send us a picture with zombie Claus. It looks as though someone else has created their own zombie Santa decoration as seen below. If you're hoping for a visit from zombie Claus this Christmas Eve, don't forget to leave brains & milk out for him.

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