It feels very weird that we even have to make a list calling out the most redneck towns in Southwest Michigan, especially considering the impact that Michiganders played in the Civil War, the importance Motown had in influencing music, and the wide range of diversity its residents share. Yet, there are just some towns you drive through that really make you feel like you're in the movie Deliverance.

Coming from someone who spent some time driving through West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina, Michigan seems to share areas similar to those states that feel like time never visited. But instead of me getting up here and trashing my listeners and followers, I'm just gonna let the residents of the Kalamazoo area have it out on one another. I personally hold no grudges about anyone from any of the following towns.

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We asked the audience what they think the most redneck towns are in Southwest Michigan and why the believe so. Here's what they had to say:


There's a winery there, half the town drives pick ups, train tracks through town, one grocery store and the largest neighborhood is a mobile home park. Not close enough to see Lake Michigan, but they get all the Lake Effect Snow.-Michael B.


They took a national poll, and by far, Sturgis mi won it hands down
But all in all, if you have ever been to Atrim county, let me tell ya. -Rob S.

Grand Junction

Without a doubt one of the most redneck towns. A single Diner, two liquor stores/market. Family dollar, race track, farms farms and more farms, so many lakes and ponds you can’t count. A rail road track you can send your car flying at every crossing. Half the roads they converted back to dirt.-Molly O.


Just look around and see for yourself. -Harold C.

Seen some really interesting things happen there. Like a dude driving a van down a sidewalk while yelling at his meth out gf. Who was walking down the sidewalk in front of the van. Watched that from my living room window drinking coffee. -Danatio C.


"Cat Calling" children isn't a good look, & the weird thing was we weren't even related.    -Curran H


It’s basically Indiana right? -Jim K.

Good ole' Orangeville

I remember folks wearing shirts that said "I'm from Orangeville son." -Danatio C

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