Back in 2022 when Dollar Tree was announcing that they would be hiking prices in their store from one dollar to $1.25. There was a bit of controversy surrounding the announcement among those who regularly shop at the Virginia-based store.

For the longest time, shoppers could get everything within the store for only a dollar and it was really the only true dollar store left. The $.25 extra does take a toll, the more items you buy and people missed really having that low-cost option. But now there may be some breathing room for dollar tree shoppers as the company recently announced they will be bringing back a number of items to one dollar exactly.

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Unfortunately, it’s only about 5% of their inventory, according to yahoo finance the roughly 300 to 400 items will have prices labeled on the shelves or packaging to indicate which items have been reduced back down to one dollar:

It’s pretty hard to have a banner like (Dollar Tree), and you have an item that everybody else has at $1, and you’re at a buck and a quarter. Chief merchandising officer Rick McNeely estimated that “roughly 300, maybe 400 items” will be affected by a pricing rollback out of the roughly 8,000 items that Dollar Tree sells. This represents about 5% of its inventory, Coupons in the News reported

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It isn’t a lot, but it is something. In Southwest Michigan alone, there are about two dozen different locations located between Sturgis, Three Rivers, Benton Harbor, ColomaPaw Paw, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Marshall, Plainwell, and Allegan.

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