In 1898, the North American Chemical Company was established. One of their factories was built in Bay City along the Saginaw River for about one & a quarter million dollars. In 1928, the company sold itself and the factory was demolished.

Nowadays, this old battery factory is referred to as "The Alkali" and sits abandoned back in the woods along the river. The residents surrounding Bay City seem to embrace the & adults alike.

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Some say the place is haunted, others say it's just an interesting place to visit. The ruins have been ravaged by graffiti but not too many people mind...they just enjoy exploring the tunnels, rooms, walls & the surrounding woods - and have done so since 1928.

Wanna visit for yourself? Check out the photo gallery below and see what it looks like, as well as it's hidden location...ironically situated just above Skull Island.

ADDRESS: 1300 Harrison St, Bay City.....take pics & video when you go!

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