The Legend of the Ada Witch still spooks people to this day as she continues to roam and haunt the Findlay Cemetery.

Sometime during the 1800’s, a woman was being unfaithful to her husband, meeting her lover at night while her husband slept. She would quietly sneak out of bed, creep out the door and keep her illicit rendezvous.

Her husband finally got suspicious and stayed awake one night in order to catch her in the act…and he did. One night, he was lying in bed pretending to fall asleep, waiting for his wife to sneak out. When she did, he followed her and saw the two lovers embrace. This drove hubby crazy and he attacked the two, first killing his wife and then set upon the man. After an extremely gruesome battle between husband and lover, they both wound up dying from their extensive wounds. This all took place in the woods near the cemetery.

Over the years people have claimed to see the ‘woman in white’ – also called the ‘Ada Witch’ – in the Findlay Cemetery area. Others say they have seen bluish-green mists & orbs, hear footsteps & screaming, been physically touched by hands that aren’t there, tapped on the shoulder by unseen fingers, and hear the sounds of fighting and a woman weeping. These paranormal events usually take place on nights of a full moon and they don't just happen within the cemetery – witnesses claim to have seen & heard these things in the nearby woods, along Honey Creek Avenue, and in Seidman Park.

The description of the 'woman In white' varies – some say she's a beautiful apparition while others say they've seen her as horrible-looking, disfigured and bearing the gory slashes that she received by her husband. There is a certain gravestone that bears a date of 1870 where visitors leave little gifts, believing it's the grave of the 'woman in white'. Why people think this is her grave is unknown.

Interest in the Ada Witch grew even more when the film The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999.....twenty years ago. There is no proof that says Findlay Cemetery's 'woman in white' was a's just a name someone gave her.

The cemetery is located on a dirt road intersection - 2 Mile Rd. & Cramton Ave. - north of Ada and west of Ionia, slightly northeast of Grand Rapids. Thanks to vandals and late-night trespassers, the local constables now keep a watchful eye on this place. Seek permission if you visit after hours, don't vandalize or act obnoxious. Be respectful of this and all rumored haunted locations and cemeteries.

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