As we get closer and closer to Halloween, the freaks and creeps are starting to come out to prepare for the spooky season of Halloween. There are so many haunted attractions and creepy things to do in southwest Michigan whether it’s going to a haunted house, a haunted hayride, or visiting a location that has a creepy history.

There’s more than enough to keep us entertained through October. But one of the most recent rising trends of the last few years has been haunted car washes. We’ve seen them pop up, in other states, but most recently in Michigan as well. I’ve been till last year. The closest location in West Michigan was in Holland and in Lansing.

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But now the Kalamazoo area is finally getting its own haunted car wash as the city announced that Clean Getaway Car Wash & Express Interiors in Portage would be holding one this year as we close in on Halloween:

If you live in Southwest Michigan, you know that October is PACKED with Halloween events, leading up to the big day on October 31. In addition to schools, churches and other local organizations, locally-owned Clean Getaway Car Wash & Express Interiors is now getting into the Halloween event game with a haunted car wash in Portage.Read on for Clean Getaway’s plans for fang-tastic fun in late October.

Event Info:

Location: Clean Getaway Car Wash & Express Interiors
Address: 375 Mall Dr, Portage, MI
Dates: Friday & Saturday October 27th & 28th
Price: $15 Per Vehicle
Features: Candy Line, Car Wash, Creepy Creatures

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